The Usual BULL “About me”


This Ilé Dafa is created and being maintained by myself, that is Jaap Verduijn… in the “world of Ifa-Orisha” also known under various other names like Odebunmi, “the Heretic”, and “that idiot who reads Ifa without being a Babalawo”. All names are genuine, and I’m very pleased to meet you too!

There are a few things that I have been emphasizing since I came online in early 1998 – I’ve published them literally dozens of times on my own websites, on other peoples’ websites, in forums, on mailing lists… and still, over and over again, most of the crowd doesn’t read it or doesn’t understand it, and goes into attack mode because “Jaap pretends to be this or that”. Well, Jaap pretends exactly fuck-all. I am perfectly clear about what I am and what I am not, and what I do and what I do not. So lemme tell you lot for the last time these very simple things that you need to know:

I am not a Babalawo! Nor am I “one of the guys”. I am an Ifa/Afa/Fa/Evwa/Ebba etcetera diviner and in the Orunmila system an Onifa, here and there also called Omolawo. Actually I don’t give a shit what anybody calls me.

I was born in 1945. In 1994 I was initiated as a Priest of Oshoosi and an Omolawo of Ifa by Awo Fa’Lokun Fatunmbi from the lineage of Araba (leading Ifa priest) Adesanya Awoyade in Ode Remo, Nigeria. Until 2006 I was the chief priest of the late lamented (wide grin!) “Dutch Church of Ifa”. Due to reasons that are not relevant anymore, early 1997 Baba Fa’Lokun and I decided not to continue our teacher/student relationship. There still is, I am glad to say, a mutual liking and respect!

So… I’m an Ifa diviner. Nothing more. Nothing less either. Again, I’m an Ifa diviner – not an Ifa priest. So my activities are strictly limited to divination for clients and to what this divination may or may not instruct me to do for them. If anything crops up that I consider out of my competence, out of my client’s competence, out of what’s practically possible, out of what’s acceptable part of the local culture… that sort of thing… I ask Ifa for “what can be done instead” and invariably a fine alternative is immediately produced.

Again… I am a practicing Ifa/Fa/Evwa/Ebba/Afa etcetera diviner… I am not, repeat not an Orunmila priest… neither initiated, nor practicing. There’s lots of them around already – don’t think the world needs another one because in the end it will be all Chiefs and no Indians. So I do diviner’s things… which basically is doing what the oracle tells me to do. I’m a specialist – not a generalist. I don’t do initiations (neither as an Omolawo because as such I can’t, nor as an Oshoosi priest because as such I won’t), I don’t do drummings, I don’t do feasts… I do divination. Ifa/Fa/Evwa/Ebba/Afa etcetera divination. That clear now? Fine!


I did it MY way… and STILL do it!

This website shows the way of one single Ifa-Orisha practitioner, i.e. me. It is not meant to teach you anything, nor influence you, make you believe that my way is better than yours, induce you to tell me that your way is better than mine, or anything. Its only purpose is to share with you the way I live with Ifa, the way that I have come to love because it works.

Jaap Verduijn









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